inFIRE delegates 2012







Photo credit: Jennifer Nielsen.

Maki Tumu, NZFS.  Maria Nagelkerke, DIA (NZ).  Rachael ‘Asi, DIA (NZ). Alison Lane, NZTA.  Sue Marsh, NFPA (USA).  Suzanne Lester, BRANZ.  Emma Roache, NZFS (at the back). Elizabeth Hides, Fire and Emergency Services Authority, Western Australia.  Andries Labuschagne, BRANZ (at the back).  Jennifer Nielsen, Combined Queensland Emergency Service.  Connie Coniglio, AIPM (Sydney).   Mats Bornstrom, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Karlstad (at the back). Julie Wyner, FRNSW.   April Flux, NZFS.

More photos, presentations, and proceedings to come.


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