Workshop write up – Research, Data and Information

Held: Tuesday 28th February
Facilitator: Mitchell Brown, Area Manager, Manawatu, NZFS 

Purpose: give delegates the opportunity to review their organisational Research, Data and Information capability and capacity to support a major event. 

Workshop format
: In groups, discuss the role your organisation has and the practical application of research, data and information for supporting emergency management.

Share your organisation’s practical solutions and applications for the 4 R’s of emergency management.


Group 1
Manawatu Gorge – landslide incident

NZTA – engineering knowledge
DIA – landslide events
GNS – geological info
NZFS – incident (+AN +NZP)
Territorial authorities – photos / satellite
LINZ – Regional councils


Group 2
Tech transfer – fire danger ratings / fire permitsFire safety / education / human behaviour / contestable research

Fire protection engineering / evacuation / detection

Codes + standards

Group 3
Advocacy for legislationEvidence to support new codes, standards, SOPsMOUs among agencies


Group 1 Group 2
Standards – building F. S.Relationships – professional / across agencies

Operational procedures


Building / risk assessment

Fire danger ratings + weather = warnings!

Decisions on resource deployment

Group 3
PSAs – Public Service AnnouncementsInspections + enforcement

Best practice sharing

Training – new technologies

Community education


Group 1
NZTA – contractors / engineersNZFS – incident management


Telecom / Vodafone / 2 degrees (mobile networks)


Group 2
Expert in field – understands fire behaviour patternsDeployment

Incident Management



Building safety – site inspection


Group 3
Co-ordination among agenciesInformation pipeline

Social media – collect + monitor + disseminate


Group 1
NZTA- contractorsMedia

Regional councils – flood / sediment +TA


Group 2
Fire investigationRecovery of vegetation

Data collection on community resilience / social research – leads back to resilience

Operational investigations

Lessons learned

Case studies

Group 3
Getting community back to normalSourcing information

Gathering and analysing info to apply to future

Connection people for lessons learned + best practices – experts

Archiving info


 Participants hard at work


 Photo credit: Mitchell Brown, NZFS.


One Comment on “Workshop write up – Research, Data and Information”

  1. Well done the Conference committee for a great opportunity to bring key people to the fore in our organisation !!

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