Workshop write-up – Easy Win Marketing

Held: Friday 2 March
Facilitator: Library team, NZFS 

Purpose: to have a marketing strategy to take back to your organisation and implement in your library.

Challenge: all 2012 delegates to report back to inFIRE 2013 with the results of your marketing push.  In person or remotely/ email. 

1.  Brainstorm of quick, easy marketing ideas (included ideas emailed prior to conference)

2. Pick top 3 ideas
Personal visits   / Attend conferences and conventions / Get published in a journal

3. Divide delegates into 3 teams 

4. Each team picks an idea from the top three.  Team with best recent marketing feedback got to choose first…
                          …… won by Sue Marsh (NFPA) won for Team 1

5. Each team works out implementation plan for their idea.

Team 1 – Personal visits

Get included in induction programme
Invite new employees to lunch/ coffee – catch up time
Mentoring – offer expertise on your org.  Become the go-to person for internal info.
Encourage them to feed info back to you – “way to influence”
Build relationships
Modify orientation to meet specific needs
Get a hit list (new staff) – schedule them for visits in the 2nd month of starting, settle in time
Refresher / group sessions
Remote / decentralised clients
Create handout with key info =- book mark? Keyring?

Team 2 – Attend conferences and conventions  

Get yourself onto agenda of senior management meetings
Identify opportunities to attach yourself to other groups in your org. when they are going to conferences, activities
Strategies to use:  play politics / find champions / be a squeaky wheel / promote resources / be a busy-body / invite other units to Library (have food!) / use your elevator pitch

 Team 3 – Get published in a journal

What journal? Identify other external journals
Extend to other media
Content – Topical and current interest / “sexy” / draw in with questions, humour
What audience?  Can you fulfil what you promise?
Advice from Comms on graphics.  Read and check and edit – final proof.
Policy/ Comms
Feedback – Monitor / outcomes / review
Researchers – ask them to acknowledge your service


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