Speaker! Learning from the costs of fire, and the place of libraries in fire research

Dr Ganesh Nana has led and worked on a number of research projects for the New Zealand Fire Service Contestable Research Fund. These include An Economic Assessment of Industrial Fires in New Zealand; Developing a Composite Performance Measure of the New Zealand Fire Service; The Impact of Changes in New Zealand’s Demographic Profile on Fire Outcome; and, most recently, a review of strategies to minimise the risk of fire associated with alcohol consumption.
Ganesh will discuss practical insights arising from this research. He will argue that fire databases, libraries and information services play a key role in the research process. Not only do they assist in the provision of relevant national and international research, documents and data, but fire databases, libraries and information services support strategic decision-making that improves the methods and practises of fire safety in New Zealand.
Ganesh is the Chief Economist at Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL). BERL is a privately-owned independent company that provides economic research and business sadvice to public and private sector clients in New Zealand.
With over 25 years of experience working in the field of economics, Dr Nana has a thorough knowledge and understanding of New Zealand economic data, modelling and analysis. He is also responsible for preparing BERL’s assessment of the state of the New Zealand economy and an irregular commentator for various media outlets.